Our goal is to return the silvery Särki (Rutilus rutilus) to its rightful place – a native Nordic delicacy.

Terveellinen kala

Järki Särki and health

The old Finnish proverb –“Eating Särki makes you wiser!” – is not just a saying. Fish are a unique source of protein, omega-3 oils, and vitamin D. Small fish have many small bones that can be extremely difficult to remove, but cooked under high pressure, the bones of our Särki soften to become completely edible – an excellent source of otherwise wasted calcium.

Official dietary recommendations state that we should eat a minimum of two fish meals per week from a wide variety of fish. We are happy to provide you with one more choice: Järki Särki.


Järki Särki and the environment

As beekeepers, we feel Särki and honey have a lot in common, sharing the rare ability to take full advantage of our region’s natural resources. 

Bees collect nectar for honey that otherwise has no use to farmers, creating a natural sweetener with health benefits unparalleled by sugar, agave, or stevia. In pollinating crops and wild plants, bees increase yields for farmers across the region. Likewise, the commercial fishing industry has turned away from catching small fishes in favor of larger, more profitable varieties. Not only does catching small fishes like särki utilize our waters' natural bounty, but it helps to restore balance in the populations of different fish in our ecosystem, preventing environmental issues like algae blooms.

Due to these environmental benefits, the World Wildlife Fund recommends that people eat more fish from Cyprinidae family - as the third most common fish in Finland's waters, Särki offers a local, sustainable alternative to imported species, such as tuna, that face extinction due to overfishing and whose overconsumption increases our global carbon footprint.

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